The Cuban Latam connection

It's difficult to talk about FiSahara and the Sahrawi cause without, in the same breath, discussing their strong connection to Cuba and the multiple ways in which this Caribbean nation and its people have shown [...]

The bridge between the UK and Western Sahara

As we remembered in previous posts, in 2009 British director Ken Loach sponsored an official presentation of FiSahara in London, which helped to launch the festival internationally. The event laid a foundation to build relationships [...]

The importance of training

Training has always been an essential component of FiSahara. Since its inception, one of the festival’s objectives has been to equip the Sahrawi people with the means and knowledge to tell their own stories. So [...]

FiSahara is born

FiSahara 2003 Official Poster It was the very end of 2002 when Peruvian documentary film director Javier Corcuera landed in the small airport of Tindouf (Algeria), in the heart of the Sahara Desert, [...]