The film festival and the film school are both located in the Sahrawi refugee camps, deep in the Sahara Desert and near the town of Tindouf, in Southwestern Algeria.

Since 2007 FiSahara has been held annually in Dakhla, the most remote camp, about 200km from the other camps. During production the festival is headquartered at the Women’s School in Dakhla.

The EFA Abidin Kaid Saleh Audiovisual School is located in the Bojador refugee camp, where the Arts, Theater and Music schools are also based.

Our Madrid-based office is at:

Calle del Pez 27, 1-D

28004 Madrid


(+34) 91-532 11 80

English: (+34) 654-469 799

Omar Ahmudi, director of the film school and Film and Video liaison at the SADR Ministry of Culture: