Our Team

Film for the Sahrawi People exists thanks to the volunteer work of hundreds of people in the refugee camps and around the world who have donated their time and labor to the project: filmmakers, producers, subtitlers, journalists, electricians and many others.

Sahrawi refugee families who host visitors to the camps in their homes are an central part of the project.

The project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture of SADR in the refugee camps, Nomads: Human Rights Cultural Roots and Media (NomadsHRC), a Madrid-based non-profit working in culture and human rights projects in the refugee camps and the occupied Western Sahara, and the Spanish Network of Organizations in Solidarity with the Western Sahara (CEAS), a non-profit NGO based in Spain working towards justice for the Sahrawi people through humanitarian projects in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

Ministry of Culture SADR

Khadiya Hamdi (Minister)

Hmoudi Ibsir (Deputy Minister of Culture)

Tiba Chagaf (Director of the Cooperation Department)

Omar Ahmed (Director of the Film Department)

Representative FP Spain

Jira Bulahi

Representative FP Madrid

Abidin Bucharaya

Dakhla Governor

Salek Baba Hassena

Dakhla Culture Director

Ahmed Mahamud (Chbetella)

Advisory Committee

José Taboada (CEAS president)

Javier Corcuera (Filmmaker)

María Carrión (NomadsHRC)

Executive Director

María Carrión

Production Coordinators

Mayka Guerao

Sara Pujalte

Andrea Ipince

Flight Coordinator

Workshops Coordinators


Production Team



Web Design

Oriol Blas


Mila Mohamed Salem

Fadi Nabil Salfeti

Zrug Lula

Guests Coordinator

Artist Committee

Ana Wagener

Children´s Programming

Iván Prado (Pallasos en Rebeldía)



Noemí Artal

Sound Technics

Iselmo Bneyara

Art Director

Poster Pictures

Making of


Azman Hafed & Team

Naama Zeinddin

Original Logo

Sergio Vigrod

Representative FiSahara Donosti

José Ángel Zuazua

Film School Director

Omar Ahmed

Film School Coordinator

Carlos Cristóbal

Film School Team