Pallasos en Rebeldía is a Project that brings together artists from different countries so they can share their hopes and dreams with those affected by military conflicts and by systemic acts of injustice, through a combination of laughter, clowning, and circus performance art. For yet another year, the clowns are coming to FiSahara to make the Sahrawi boys and girls laugh their heads off. They will march in the parades and visit Dakhla’s many dairas to bring the kids some laughter. They will build a circus on the desert sands


Community Cinema Workshop

Community Cinema Workshop This workshop aims to empower the Saharawi community through participatory cinema so that children, youth and adults can use the community cinema as a way to visualize and raise awareness about the Saharawi cause, and to resist and preserve their cultural identity. This method has been successfully used in communities experiencing armed [...]


Moviemaking for kids: producing a short film

Moviemaking for kids: producing a short film Each year, the Spain-based Gran Angular film collective offers Sahrawi children a filmmaking workshop that results in the production of a short film. This year will be screened "I'm Tiny" the shortfilm produced the last year. Facilitators:  Gran Angular is a collective that aims to promote cultural creation [...]


FiSahara brings Films from the Sahara Desert to the Screens of San Sebastian

The Western Sahara International Film Festival (FiSahara), the world’s most remote film festival, will host a special screening this Saturday September 26th during the closing day of the 63rd Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The two films selected from FiSahara’s XII edition, which took place this past April 29-May 3, are Iara [...]


Music for resistance

Music for resistance Rap composition workshop for young Sahrawis aimed at developing new tools for self-expression and cultural resistance. Participants will create a hip-hop song with the theme of the Festival, "Occupied Peoples:Memory and Resistance". The Palestinian music and producer Osloob ( will be the facilitator with the Sahrawi rapper Yslem "The son of the [...]


Desert Filmmakers

Desert Filmmakers This workshop is aimed at teaching young women with no previous audiovisual experience to make their own short films using mobile phones. The objective is for these women to be able to tell their own stories to share with their communities and with their families that live in the occupied Western Sahara. Facilitators: [...]


Human Rights Video Advocacy Workshop

Human Rights Video Advocacy Workshop This training focuses on developing the audiovisual tools necessary to document, report and advocate on human rights violations taking place in Western Sahara.  It is aimed at video activists and human rights defenders from the territory. The workshop will explore curation practices such as verification and contextualization of videos so [...]