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Tuesday to Sunday. The flight will be a charter Madrid-Tinduf-Madrid

Coming Soon
  • The price of the trip is 850€. This includes the Madrid-Tindouf roundtrip chartered flight, visa, ground transportation to the camps, homestays and all festival activities.
  • We process a collective visa. Please provide accurate passport information in the registration form; its expiration date must exceed six months at time of travel. This means that your passport must be valid at least until xxxx.
  • We will be staying with Sahrawi families and will sleep in their haimas, special desert tents. Although host families are provided with extra food for their guests, we recommend that each visitor give their family at least 10€ per day to cover all expenses and compensate the work.
  • If you already know a family in Dajla and would like to stay with them, please provide the festival organizers with the family’s name, telephone number and precise location within Dajla. This option is possible only in Dajla, not in any of the other camps. Festival visitors are not authorized to leave Dajla on their own for security reasons.
  • You will receive additional information on payment, the trip to Dajla, your stay and festival programming once you have registered.